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        Business and economic data for 200 countries
        The API is for fintech developers, investors, companies and others who want timely and reliable data on foreign economies. The data feed transfers automatically our data to your systems to facilitate your work on product development and analysis.

        绣球花品种Our data绣球花品种

        We provide up-to-date numbers for GDP, economic growth, PMIs, investment, household consumption, retail sales, inflation, private credit, interest rates, labor cost, employment, and many other indicators for over 200 countries. Our team adds the data to the website as soon as they are released by the national authorities using a calendar of releases developed by us. All series come with source information and definitions and are thoroughly checked for accuracy and consistency across countries and time. You can see the latest data updates and, as an example, a global overview of economic growth. You can explore the entire data availability by country and by indicator.

        绣球花品种XML data feed绣球花品种

        All of our data are available through an API allowing you to transfer automatically our data to your servers. After registering, select countries and indicators to obtain an XML link. The link can be placed in your system to download our data to your machine. You can see a couple of XML examples with annual data and monthly data.

        绣球花品种Cost and free trial绣球花品种

        The cost of the API depends on the countries and indicators that are needed. Please contact us for more information or if you would like to start a 绣球花品种free trial绣球花品种.

        绣球花品种About us绣球花品种

        We are a team of data analysts headed by Neven Valev (Google Scholar, LinkedIn), a Ph.D. economist with extensive research experience. The goal of TheGlobalEconomy.com is to disseminate knowledge of the world economy and to facilitate the use of international data by researchers, investors, and others. It has been online since 2012.